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Secondary Schools

Powerpoint Presentations


We regularly give presentations and workshops to teachers and secondary school students. You can download some of our presentations in the Workshop Materials section on this website. 

Database of Educational Materials on the Arctic

We collected the most interesting educational materials on the Arctic region, mainly developed by trustworthy European sources and institutions.

Click 'Shift' ('Command' on Mac) while scrolling your mouse, to zoom in/out. 

To visit the original website to which each Mural-item is referring, zoom in onto the piece of text or image of your interest, and click the small link you find at the lower righthand corner of the text/image. It will be easiest if you go directly to the Mural board, by clicking the button below. 


Note: you can only open the Mural board from a PC or Mac, or via the Mural app.  

Have we missed some materials? Any suggestions? Please let us know via the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Videos & Animations

The videos and animations below are created by the International Polar Foundation. You are free to use them for non-commercial purposes. 

Select the videos of the category (upper right side of the video menu) you are interested in. 

This page is being gradually adapted and completed. Please let us know how we can improve it, what you would like to get materials on, or what kind of information you are looking for, via the contact information form below. 

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